What Somalogy™ is.

SOMALOGY (aka Body Evolution) is a sophisticated science of structural & functional bodywork and processes for physical, emotional and spiritual evolution.

BE practitioners use many hands on techniques for “sculpting” the body according to the goals of the participant. You can then “live in” this new body and become the person you desire to be. BE practitioners also use special exercises and awareness training methods through written and verbal processes to assist the participant in achieving their goals.

It is a system that aims to evolve the physical, emotional and spiritual state of the participant so that the participant lives a more fully expressed and satisfying life. Tapping into the pure potential of each human being and living a more completely realized life is the ultimate goal of Body Evolution.


What Somalogy™ does.

Somalogy, Tyr Throne, Body Evolution

Somalogy™ is a technique that can sculpturally change and improve the shape and form of the body and the way you move and feel. It can help participants to be more flexible, powerful, relaxed, open, free, light, energetic, expressive, inspired, and unlimited. Participants report feeling younger, taller, thinner. Chronic and/or traumatic pain is often reduced or eliminated.

What are some examples of things you can use BODY EVOLUTION for?

To become Physically (less/more): stiff/flexible, weak/powerful, blocked/flow, closed/open, twisted/straight, distorted/aligned, thick/thin, old/young, cramped/free, tensed/relaxed, hard/soft, heavy/light, pain/pleasure, unsecured/secure, clumsy/graceful, compressed/longer, frozen/mobile, tired/energy, small/big, collapsed/uplifted . . .

To become Emotionally (less/more): controlling/accepting, negative/positive, difficult/easy, head/heart, expecting/creating, sadness/joy, serious/funny, anger/understanding, frustrated/fulfilled, suffering/enjoying, hiding/expressive, critical/appreciative, nervous/safe, bored/interested, depression/inspiration, stuck/shiftable, boring/passionate, distance/intimate, stingy/generous, fear/love . . .

And to become Spiritually (less/more): confused/clarity, contemptuous/compassionate, suspicious/trust, guilt/innocence, disconnected/unity, separate/connected, poor/rich, doubt/believe, holding on/letting go, past/possibility, judgmental/understanding, limited/unlimited, holding back/growing, blind/vision, shallow/deep, follower/leader, narrow/magnificent, timid/courageous, ordinary/genius, average/immortal. . .

Somalogy Practice.

Where did BODY EVOLUTION come from?

Tyr Throne is the creator of BODY EVOLUTION and Director of its Training Institutes in Europe and Asia. He is certified in Advanced Structural Integration, the Feldenkrais method, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation. Mr. Throne is also an award-winning director of dance and theater and draws much of his inspiration for BODY EVOLUTION from his years as a dancer.

BODY EVOLUTION began over 25 years ago when Tyr Throne first saw the possibility of integrating physical, psychological and theatrical therapies while studying pre-medicine, psychology, dance and theater at the university in Santa Cruz, California. . He has been passionately developing that possibility ever since.


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